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Manufacturing & Licensing

DREAMMAKER'S Art Studio has contacts with Asian factories, US manufacturers, publishing companies and can help you to make your dreams come true. 

Contact Suzi to discuss your Manufacturing & Licensing needs!

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Dream Makers' president Suzi Gerace, has an unparalleled track record of creative, innovative design work in the toy industry.

Over her 40+ years of experience, Suzi has specialized in taking flat art and bringing it into the third dimension. She has taken some of the most unique, original, and exciting concepts in children's literature and brought them to life for millions of children.

Suzi works with authors and artists when their concepts are still rough around the edges, and helps them visualize how their creations can become iconic toys.

Madeline was a rough scribble in a book brought to her over 25 years ago. The doll with a blue coat, yellow hat and red hair is Suzi's vision from those rough sketches. Now it's an icon in everyone's mind.

Arthur, by author Marc Brown, was an ugly long nosed aardvark that Suzi transformed into a lovable soft toy. The adorable, round, friendly character now in award-winning books and cartoons was drawn to match the look of the toy that Marc and Suzi made together.

The blue and white bunny in the pajamas you see today in the Goodnight Moon book was an illustration that had never been translated into a toy. This was one of Suzi's own children's favorite books, and seemed to be a "natural" for her to make into a love object.

Suzi worked with Nickelodeon and took a hard sculpture of the Blue's Clues Dog and transformed it into the first three-dimensional Blue's CLues toy over 20 years ago.

Amazing Baby is a book from England that incorporates bold geometric and black and white icons with black and white photographs of babies.  Suzi, with her team at Dream Makers, has created all of the products and fabric designs for that very successful developmental line of toys now being sold.

Today, Suzi leads a team of creative and inspired designers at her company, Dream Makers, that has been executing and developing amazing new products in the toy, novelty and pet industries.

We also have great factory contacts in China. Dream Makers stands ready to work with you and help create original, innovative and exciting new products which will be a great success for your company.

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